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The Big

Brand Creation and Implementation

Luton's biggest ever event, following a trail of over 30 giant elephants, all uniquely decorated.


The beautifully-decorated sculptures were placed along the free, family-friendly art trail around Luton’s key landmarks and streets, bringing together the community for one unforgettable jumbo event, especially after a difficult period during Covid-19.

Responsible for the creation and implementation of The Big Trunk Trail brand identity. I was also responsible for the website and mobile app design as well as the creation of films and all assets.

peanut and ele.jpg

I was comissioned to paint a small elephant sculpture 'Peanut', that was auctioned off for over £6,000, raising money for charity.

Unity and Peanut_Image.jpg
Mug Merchandise.jpg

"The Big Trunk Trail branding created by Laurence captured the heart and essence of our local community. It was exciting, engaging and created a buzz for the large-scaled event. It was a brilliant amalgamation of creativity and strategy that supported the huge success of the event"

- Liz Searle, CEO Keech Hospice Care


Artboard 1.png
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